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Jennifer Albertson

Business Administration, Entrepreneurship, Class of 2018
Owner, Bespoke Bride, Bend, Oregon

I had all these ideas for starting my own business, but I didn’t know how to make it happen. On the very first day I walked into the Lundquist Center for Entrepreneurship, they said, “You need to run with this and we have all these people here that can help you.”

I started out at the UO as a psychology major, but while I was in school I was working at a bridal shop to help pay tuition. I fell in love with the business, and I knew I wanted to have my own bridal shop. So, I switched over to the Lundquist College of Business.

Someone told me to talk to Kate Harmon, the program manager for entrepreneurship. She was phenomenal. She was hands-on with me and my business idea. I still talk to her today for advice.

The biggest thing about the Lundquist College is that everyone is so excited about your idea. They really want to connect you with people and help you develop it. For me, it just grew into something bigger than I could even have imagined.

It was so cool because the courses I was taking for the entrepreneurship concentration were things like launching your business and writing your business plan. I did each step, developing my actual business at Lundquist. It’s just been a real incredible journey.

Today, I’m helping students in the same program who want to do what I’m doing. It’s so cool to come full circle and be mentoring someone else.

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