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Julie Haynes, BS ’13

Business Administration (Marketing)
Product Marketer, Slack, San Francisco, California

The combination of classes, connections to people in the business community, and the opportunity to participate in internships set me up for success when I graduated.

The Lundquist College of Business has so many opportunities to get involved in clubs and student programs. I participated in the American Marketing Association student club and a couple other clubs as well, which was a great way to get experience and have fun getting to know people outside the classroom.

A lot of the people that I connected with from those clubs are people I’m still connected with today. We help each other in our careers, give each other advice, or refer each other for jobs. Building those connections early on has really helped me throughout my career.

I also connected with a lot of people in the broader business community through site visits in Seattle or Portland. Getting broad exposure to a lot of different companies and how they do marketing gave me the chance to learn from different professionals as well, which was invaluable.

I think what’s wonderful about the Lundquist College of Business is that, as a student, you get exposure to the different programs in marketing, sports business, finance, entrepreneurship, accounting, and operations and business analytics. That was so valuable for me. I learned a ton about different topics and then picked the specialization I was really most interested in.

Being a Duck is wonderful because you have a sense of camaraderie with your fellow Ducks. You know that people who graduate from the UO have a great background, they’re hardworking, and you get that instant sense of connection with somebody when they’re also a fellow Duck.

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