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Kristina Moyer

Senior, Accounting
Hometown: Victorville, California

Accounting is literally the language of business, and if you can’t read those numbers, a business can completely collapse.

My path was originally premed because I wanted to a be an orthopedic surgeon. I started out studying chemistry with a business minor. I did that for about a year, and I realized I did not want to spend the next 12 years in school. I wanted to dive in, start my career a little faster, and do something that I was more interested in and a little bit more sure about. That turned out to be accounting.

I enjoy accounting because it is more than sitting down and memorizing flash cards. I want to know why everything is happening: Why does this connect this to this? Why does this balance to this particular number? Why does it match this number over here? It’s about making all those connections and seeing the big picture and knowing how I got there.

Eventually, I want to open up my own business and consult with smaller mom-and-pop businesses. I want to be that person who steps in, shows them how to expand their businesses, and how to stay strong.

Accounting to me has been my way of being a dream-maker. The idea of becoming a tax consultant or an interim CFO for a smaller company is my way of saying thank you to these businesses and corporations for taking on that dream.

And I think being able to speak the language of business is what’s going to not only make my dreams come true but also help other people get what they need out of their lives.

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