Oregon Quarterly Winter 2021

Oregon Quarterly Winter 2021
Oregon Quarterly asked UO faculty members, alumni, community members, and students for their reflections and perspectives
University of Oregon ascends to new realms of discovery and opportunity with the Knight Campus
Twins can share a bond stronger than words
Jeffrey Ostler’s Surviving Genocide surveys three centuries of violence on the American frontier
Student Mya Lansing's portraits shed light on this summer's Black Lives Matter protests
Vocal chamber ensemble reimagines ancient music texts with assist from artificial intelligence
Computer and information science professor shares a lesson in "adversarial machine learning" 
Having hiked thousands of miles over the years, law alumnus pens his experiences on the PCT
So immersed in an editing project she lost track of time, Sabrina Gimenez discovered her calling
Singer and UO alumnus details his career that featured Garth Brooks, Animal House, and more
Diana Akiyama is paving the way for Asian American women in the Episcopal Church
UO alumnus Dave Draper is, quite literally, shooting for the stars
Remembering November 14, 2015, and an upset in Palo Alto set to an Oregon Marching Band soundtrack
A collection of readers' responses regarding various stories in the Autumn 2020 issue
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