Oregon Quarterly Summer 2013

Depression-era murals depict Oregon's landscape, the spirit of its people, and a rare side of the era's government-sponsored art
Winner of the 14th Annual Oregon Quarterly Northwest Perspectives Essay Contest
Compelled to step up her activism by the urgency of climate change, a mother wrestles with a moral dilemma
Three musical luminaries, who were pioneers on the jazz scene, first met at the UO
Local Latino farmers benefit from close ties with UO graduates, faculty members, and students
Famed journalist and UO graduate Ann Curry inspires next generation with 2013 Ruhl Lecture
The Oregon Bach Festival makes a transition from past to future
A UO chef and chemist enlist the principles of molecular gastronomy to illuminate concepts of chemistry
Randy Ellis brings a distinctive style to policing the West University area
UO's Urban Farm teaches students the rewards and forgotten pleasures of gardening 
A $20 million partnership between the UO and Gabon all started with a two-sentence class note sent to Oregon Quarterly
An engraving on the ground outside a campus building gives a geology student an epiphany of understanding 
Political geographer Alexander Murphy talks Timbuktu and how he incorporates his travel experiences into his teaching
Intrepid journalist Lauren Kessler bravely tackles the aging process in her latest book
In his memoir, Jesse Ellison, JD '05, shares stories from the rodeo arena in Blackfoot, Idaho, where he grew up
Letters to the editor on Brigadier General Tammy Smith, (dis)agreements regarding economics, and the most recent editor's note
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