What Oregon News does and does not publish

The following Oregon News guidelines will help you get your news in front of readers throughout the UO community.


Any news that promotes the UO's mission or would be of broad interest to the campus community, including UO friends and supporters, will be considered. Oregon News usually only considers submissions from UO community members—faculty, staff, students and alumni.

Typically, Oregon News publishes news on:

  • Research findings and discoveries
  • Faculty members’ expertise on current topics in the news
  • Gifts or grant awards
  • New academic programs
  • Hires in university leadership, such as deans and vice presidents
  • Construction projects and campus improvements
  • Major events open to and of interest to the public
  • Significant changes and developments to the workplace
  • Significant accomplishments of students and employees

News stories should be of interest beyond a single school or college, center or institute, or department or program. For more, see the “Story Types” page for detailed examples of typical Oregon News articles.


Generally, Oregon News does not publish the following types of stories:

  • New classes; work done in existing classes
  • Crowdfunding campaigns other than those run through the UO's Duckfunder
  • Alumni, although ideas can be submitted to the UO Alumni Association
  • News that would appeal mostly to those involved in a particular unit or program
  • Campus events of narrower interest such as class lectures, guest faculty lectures, club meetings
  • New faculty appointments
  • Retirements
  • Obituaries or memorials. University Communications suggests that those be published on the website of the home unit or school of the deceased. One exception: obituaries for individuals widely known to the general public—including past presidents, significant donors and emeritus faculty—are usually published on Oregon News.
  • Press releases or news from outside agencies
  • Books by faculty members, staff or alumni (those can be submitted to the Oregon Quarterly bookmarks page)

If your story doesn't fit Oregon News, University Communications can assist you in finding the appropriate communications channel. Learn more tips for submitting your story idea.