UO Alerts system adds feature to subscribe by text

Changes in the University of Oregon’s emergency alerts system allow people to subscribe by text to receive location-specific information.  

Employees and students have always been able to subscribe to UO Alerts through DuckWeb, and they may continue to do so. The expanded system gives them more options. 

“Updates were made to UO Alerts so that people beyond the UO community could receive notices,” said Vicki Strand, continuity and emergency manager in Safety and Risk Services. “A new feature gives employees and students a text option to enroll, if they are not already, and they can now subscribe to notifications by campus.”   

Safety and Risk Services offers the following information to assist employees with navigating the UO Alerts subscription process: 

  • To receive emergency notifications from UO Alerts, employees and students only need to enroll once using one method, either through DuckWeb or via text. 
  • If someone is already enrolled through DuckWeb and they also enroll via text, they may receive duplicate notifications. 
  • The text option allows employees and students to receive notices for one or more UO campuses.  

Strand said those enrolled in UO Alerts through DuckWeb always receive notices about the Eugene campus and their home location, if other than Eugene. Using the text subscription option allows employees and students to receive additional notices at their discretion. 

To receive text alerts for a specific campus, text the designated letter code to 333111: 

  • UOEUG for the Eugene campus. 
  • UOPDX for the Portland campuses. 
  • UOOIMB for the Oregon Institute of Marine Biology in Charleston. 

Standard data rates and charges may apply, and messages can be stopped anytime.