New digital tool to support human subjects researchers

UO investigators doing research involving human subjects will soon have a new tool that will allow them to electronically file protocol submissions and create other new efficiencies.

Starting in early 2021, the Office of the Vice President for Research and Innovation will be rolling out the first of several modules in a suite of digital tools and services known as the Research Administration Portal, designed to streamline research administration processes.

“The project is part of a transformative effort to improve research administration services and efficiency for faculty, staff and students who interact with the research office,” said Fred Sabb, assistant vice president for research facilities. “The new tool will allow us to adopt more efficient business processes and workflows that will help researchers improve their research capacity and provide a more transparent and seamless workflow.”

The first tool will support the UO’s Institutional Review Board, which protect the rights and welfare of participants in research involving human subjects.

Some features that researchers can expect with the new tool are:

  • A comprehensive electronic submission and review system with an automated workflow that will help study submissions move through the review process more efficiently.
  • Better visibility as to where a study submission is in the workflow.
  • Researchers will receive real-time notifications from the system with information about actions needed.

The integration of the human subjects tool is the first step in a phased implementation of the new portal, which will support research compliance and administration, including conflicts of interest, animal research and operations management, effort certification, and grants management. The research office currently manages several legacy and homegrown technology solutions in support of research administration and compliance, most of which will be phased out.

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