Oregon Quarterly Summer 2012

A glimpse inside the travel sketchbooks of Kenneth O’Connell, and the connection he inspires between seeing, drawing, and thinking
The story of how John Yeon paved the way for Northwest style and the architecture of Oregon today
The winning essay of the 2012 Northwest Perspectives Essay Contest offers a heartbreaking story of love and longing
For ninety-two years, the UO’s student newspaper has been a print daily. Beginning this fall, that’s going to change.
The man behind the curtain at the UO’s 12,000-seat events facility
Excerpt from Yong Zhao's blog post, "If Lady Gaga Can Be Useful..."
The UO and its strengthening ties with Asia and the Pacific Rim
The epic tale of how a race to class became one alum's most memorable moment at UO
A hidden, secluded seat to rest your feet offers an escape from the hustle and bustle of campus
Three students aspire to become mead moguls
The man behind the moniker: Mister Ooh-La-La talks entertainment and wrestling
UO Associate Professor of Spanish helps students tackle the daunting task of translating old literature
He guides guys through the mysterious rituals of matrimony
Ninety-four years after his death in World War I, a Duck receives a new honor
Excerpt from Leland Roth's collection of anecdotes about UO art historian and art professor emeritus, Marion Dean Ross
Landscape architects make campus function better through thoughtful design
Letters to the editor include reactions to the firing of Lariviere, remembering an old professor, and many "welcome homes"